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  • The SKYCAR is an un-pressurised twin engine aircraft with retractable landing gear.

  • - Its large cabin is able to receive up to 5 peoples including a minimum crew of 1.

  • - Due to cabin design the interior arrangement may be changed very easily from air-taxi to cargo version and include several intermediate configurations.

  • - Access to cabin is via two large crew doors located on both side of fuselage.

  • - The rear part of the fuselage includes two tail booms on which two vertical fins are located, between whose a large bonnet allows a very easily luggage storage.


  • - Pusher Engine. Coupled with a 3 blades composite propeller, lead to and increase in reliability and performances.

  • - Wide Fuselage. Increased passenger comfort, larger cabin and baggage compartment. Rear bonnet facilitate ground loading and allows flight unloading.

  • - Full glass cockpit. Ergonomic internal layout, designed for easy operation and reduced pilot workload, increases the pilot awareness in all operational situation.


  • - Engine:

    Manufacturer: Lycoming                           Model: IO-360-C1E6

    Horsepower: 200 X 2                                Number of Cylinders: 4

  • - System:

    Cable free primary flight control

    Electrical secondary flight controls (trim/tab/flap)

    Retractable landing Gear

    Triple reundant electrical system


  • Basic Configuration

  • - Minimum Crew:                                 1 Pilot

  • - Wide Fuselage:                                               4

  • - Max Baggage Capacity:                                320 Kg

  • Special Mission Configuration

  • - Search and Rescue:                    Passenger Transport

  • - Medical Evacuation                   Economic Exclusive Zone

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